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Academic Excellence...Biblical Worldview

  • biblically based curriculum used by over 750,000 christian schools across the world
    A Beka Book is the "premier" Christian textbook publisher, serving Christian schools for nearly 40 years. A Beka Book has all subjects for all levels from two-year-old preschool to grade 12. A Beka Book's systematic phonics program teaches students to read at an early age. Students also receive strong character-building reading selections. Grammar and creative writing principles are reinforced by consistent daily practice and review. Spelling, vocabulary, and poetry help students improve their ability to read, write, think, and speak. Penmanship is taught step by step throughout the program. A Beka Book's arithmetic program uses a traditional, spiral review approach to help students develop thinking skills for daily living. The science and health program teaches students about creation and the Creator while refuting manmade ideas of evolution. The history and geography program is developed from a Christian perspective with patriotic character-building content.
  • Students learn to read at an early age
    MidState Christian Academy is a school that takes the education of your child seriously. We believe that learning to read at an early age sets your child up for academic success. Our Pre-K class sets the foundation for reading and our K-5 students are reading by the second semester. K-5 and 1st grade incorporate reading circles to improve the student's reading skills.
  • students are prepared for college
    As a college preparatory school, MidState Christian Academy holds our students to a higher standard academically. Students begin learning multiplication in 1st grade, pre-algebra in 8th grade, and Algebra II in 10th grade. Each high school student is required to take courses in physics, geometry and foreign language. Our high school students are writing essays and reports on a college level. MidState Christian Academy understands the importance of giving your student the opportunity to further their education, and we do our part in preparing our graduates for a successful college career.
  • fine arts program
    MidState Christian Academy realizes that a well-rounded education is imperative for academic excellence. Although private voice, piano and violin lessons are offered to all of our students at an extra cost, tuition includes involvement in our fine arts program during normal school hours. Our fine arts program includes choir, speech and drama.
    Because our school keeps class sizes under twenty students, the teachers are able to build lasting relationships with their students and offer help for those who need extra guidance. Our students never feel "lost or forgotten" when attending MidState Christian Academy.
  • individual tutoring
    MidState Christian Academy realizes that some students require after-school tutoring. Parents may hire our teachers to tutor their students at a low hourly rate.

School policies & procedures

Academic Credit
High school students must complete 24 credit hours to graduate.
Academic Integrity
Students are held to a high standard of conduct when taking tests.
student handbook
Click Here for a copy of our student handbook.
scholastic standing
Students may not be eligible for promotion if year average is below a D- in any subject.
Students 6th - 12th may receive detentions for behavioral issues, tardiness, and incomplete homework.
summer school
Summer school is offered to students 6th - 12th who must repeat a class.